Launching New Website and Brand “UniqueUniforms”

Unique Uniforms – A concept behind Designer Uniforms!!!

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established for more than 30 years, is a uniform manufacturer with extensive experience operating school uniform shops since 1975. Modern Apparels  has set up and successfully operated uniform shops for many schools across India.

We are aware that many schools in India encounter various problems with uniform shop operations, ranging from:

  1. poor inventory control.
  2. excessively high prices.
  3. inadequate return on investment to the school.
  4. burden on school cash flow.
  5. late delivery.
  6. Inconsistent or poor quality uniforms.
  7. Difficulties managing human resources.

If your school has encountered any of the above problems, Modern Apparels Uniforms has the solution for you.

Why Outsource Your School’s Uniform Shop to Modern Apparels Uniforms?

  • Competitive edge in manufacturing uniforms combined with strategic alliances with other manufacturers enables Modern Apparels to be a “one stop shop” supplying quality socks, jumpers, hats, bags, accessories, and more.
  • Competitive prices: Modern Apparels has its own uniform manufacturing factories in Delhi. Both operations utilize the same quality fabrics, and patterns – resulting in consistency. It is in our interest to ensure that the prices offered by Modern Apparels are competitive with nearby retail stores that stock similar items.
  • Focus on quality: Our management philosophy is to ensure that our products are manufactured to a high standard. Our systems enable feedback from sales staff to reach key production staff quickly, ensuring that any issues are resolved as expediently as possible.
  • Experience: the combination of staff with first hand experience operating uniform shops and our vertically integrated business model, enables Modern Apparels to manage stock levels more accurately resulting in availability of product, consistency of style and fabrics, and enhanced ability to operate the business profitably.
  • Staff training: our staff are personally trained by the management team at Modern Apparels with an emphasis on customer service and respecting the students.
  • Less administrative work for the school: allowing the school to focus on educational issues, while we ensure that students are satisfied customers and that there are no complaints from parents. We are easily accessible and may be easily approached if the school has any suggestions or concerns regarding operation of the uniform shop.
  • No financial headaches: this includes a guaranteed financial return from the uniform shop, prompt quarterly payments, no drain on cash flow, limited financial risk as we carry a public liability policy, and you are not required to invest in equipment.
  • Track record: one point to remember is that we have a history of longevity in schools. For example we have serviced many schools for 8 years or more. This is a testament to our product quality, service, consultation, and ability to become part of the school community.
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High Quality Bathrobes

Modern Apparels has just introduced a new, 100% Cotton, Classy & stylish bathrobe to wrap your body in the plush comfort, relax & escape the hectic life style of your body.

Available in 9 different highly reflective colors and three sizes to comfort your body with its charm.

It is the The Softest Bathrobe Ever Made” . You must have owned many different types of bath robes in your life. You must have tried terry cloth, satin polyester, cotton, and many other fabric blends. But found most robes either poor quality, scratchy or heavy or too expensive and impractical. Modern Apparels has introduced new cashmere 100% Cotton bath robe that will end your search for a perfect bathrobes suiting your needs. It is incredibly lightweight but very warm.



The Modern Apparels bath robes are very well made, durable, and have thoughtful details. The bath robes have a detachable fabric belt that threads through two belt loops. The robe has an internal neck hook loop for hanging it on a hook on a bathroom door. MA bath robes have a large straight collar that is very comfortable and doesn’t scratch the neck in any way. The bath robes also feature two large front pockets. The bath robe’s sleeves are of course long, full length.

For more information on the pricing details you can directly contact Modern Apparels at

I’ve owned many different types of bath robes in my life. I’ve tried terry cloth, silk, satiny polyester, cotton, and many other fabric blends. But I found most robes either poor quality, scratchy or heavy. I’ve always wanted a cashmere bath robe but

found them too expensive and impractical. My search for the perfect bath robe is finally over in the Cloudspun robe by Victoria’s Secret. The Cloudspun bath robe is the softest robe I’ve ever seen. The Cloudspun bath robe is incredibly lightweight but very warm. For me, it’s exactly what I was looking for in a bath robe.


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How to Find the Perfect Blazer

The thing about men’s fashion is that it is very easy to see when a man has made a fashion faux pas or has his look totally together. When it comes to blazers you can’t fake it – either your blazer fits you well or it doesn’t. Don’t make yourself the butt of jokes by wearing an ill-fitting blazer. With the right information, you’ll be able to find the perfect blazer each time.

The first thing to determine is whether the blazer you want should be long, short, or regular. Your height will be the determining factor for this. Be sure to go to a local tailor or seamstress to get properly measured instead of trying to measure yourself. Above everything, do not try to guess your size. The proper measurements that should be used for finding the best fitting blazer include measuring your shirt sleeve length and your chest. Just those two measurements alone can help you pick out the perfect blazer. The best blazers are the ones that fit you to a tee. In general, men who are within the 6’0”-6’3” range should look for long blazers, while men that are 5’7” and shorter should opt for a short blazer. Regular blazers should be worn by men that are between 5’8”-6’0”. If you happen to be super tall, say over 6’3”, then you’ll want to look into a super long blazer.

Many poor fitting blazers often show too much shirt sleeve. To avoid this from happening, you’ll want to keep in mind that your shirt sleeve should make a “peek-a-boo” appearance from underneath your blazer instead of completely being visible. The shirt cuff should come to rest at the bottom of your palm and shouldn’t show more than a half-inch. If you’re having trouble with this, you can simply have it altered.

Most blazers contain a vent, which also needs to be taken into consideration when trying to find the best blazer. The purpose of vents is to allow for more flexibility in movement. While not all blazers come with vents, many men prefer them because of the way they make the blazer look overall. Many find them more comfortable as well. The only downside is that wearing a blazer with a vent can result in a wrinkled look, due to the occurrence of sitting on the vent. There are center vents and side vents on blazers. Or you can opt for a blazer that doesn’t have a vent so you won’t have to deal with pressing it every time it gets wrinkled.

If you’re not well versed in this area of fashion, it’s okay. That’s why it is important to find a good tailor or manufacturer who will not only help you get your key measurements, but also help you select the right fit and styles for your wardrobe needs. Bringing your significant other or a friend along for a second opinion is always helpful.

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India Ranks among the World’s Leading Apparel Exporters

India ranks among the world’s leading apparel exporters. It has an abundant domestic cotton supply, and cotton items account for about three-quarters of its apparel exports. Indeed, 13 of the 14 major clothing types exported from India to the EU are cotton products.

The industry is characterized by a huge number of small-scale enterprises with the ability to take on small customized orders, and the flexibility to respond to quick changes. This structure stems from past government policies aimed at enhancing economic welfare and increasing employment. With these objectives in mind, the Indian government reserved many products–including woven and knitted apparel products–for exclusive production by small-scale units. However, the policy has now been phased out and, encouraged by the elimination of the global quota system at the end of 2004, the number of big players is growing.

The EU and the USA are the biggest destinations for Indian apparel exports, between them taking 70%. The UAE has an 8% share but it is thought that most UAE imports are re-exported. In 2006 India was the third largest apparel exporter to the USA and the fifth largest supplier to the EU.

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About Modern Apparels

Modern Apparels (MAMCO) is a leading garment & fabric manufacturer/export house operating from India. We manufacture stuffs for both men and women including Corporate/Casual/Party wear Shirts, Coats/Blazers, Wrap Skirts, Trousers, Bathrobes, Blouses, Chef Uniforms, Medical Uniforms, School Uniforms, Industrial Work wears, Ladies Hand Bags & Accessories, etc. and as per client requirements.


Modern Apparels (MAMCO) was established in 1972 as the incorporation of a manufacturing business in New Delhi, India which stretches back to the 1960’s.

Today, Modern Apparels (MAMCO) has grown into one of the India’s leading multi-brand clothing manufacturers & distributors – supplying the promotional leisurewear, corporate wear, work wear, school wear, medical wear and casual wear trades.

We hold good amount of garments inventory in stock in a full range of colors and sizes, so you only have to order what you need. Also, we deal in private labels works and can manufacture garments according to your specific requirements. We at Modern Apparels (MAMCO) exceedingly emphasize on working as per the client’s requirements and believe in reasonable & affordable pricing for our very high quality of services.

We exercise a policy for continuous development and ensures compliance to the quality work standards.

Modern Apparels is a manufacturer & supplier of garments and can also provide with either print or embroidery works. If you require these services, please contact us with more information at “” and we will help you decorate your garment dreams.


Our range consists of garments from different brands. Items are selected if they are from a popular brand, or if they represent high quality, high value or the best balance of both.

We manufacture items depending on clients’ specific requirements.

Modern Apparels has its own line of ‘MAMCO brand’ of leisurewear, corporate wear, industrial work wear, school wear, medical wear, casual wear and corporate clothing. With a 36 years history in clothing manufacture we have the experience to produce apparel that leads the industry in practicality, style and innovation.

The combination of all these products creates a powerful range for our customers ensuring they find the right product no matter what they require.


Casual & Corporate Wear


Rajat Gupta – (Entrepreneur, Owner)
Modern Apparel Manufacturing Co.
New Delhi, India

Mobile# +91-9899598292
Office# +91-011-23232840 / 23234521


Yahoo Chat ID# mamcoindia
MSN Chat ID#
Skype# mamcoindia

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