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High Quality Bathrobes

Modern Apparels has just introduced a new, 100% Cotton, Classy & stylish bathrobe to wrap your body in the plush comfort, relax & escape the hectic life style of your body.

Available in 9 different highly reflective colors and three sizes to comfort your body with its charm.

It is the The Softest Bathrobe Ever Made” . You must have owned many different types of bath robes in your life. You must have tried terry cloth, satin polyester, cotton, and many other fabric blends. But found most robes either poor quality, scratchy or heavy or too expensive and impractical. Modern Apparels has introduced new cashmere 100% Cotton bath robe that will end your search for a perfect bathrobes suiting your needs. It is incredibly lightweight but very warm.



The Modern Apparels bath robes are very well made, durable, and have thoughtful details. The bath robes have a detachable fabric belt that threads through two belt loops. The robe has an internal neck hook loop for hanging it on a hook on a bathroom door. MA bath robes have a large straight collar that is very comfortable and doesn’t scratch the neck in any way. The bath robes also feature two large front pockets. The bath robe’s sleeves are of course long, full length.

For more information on the pricing details you can directly contact Modern Apparels at

I’ve owned many different types of bath robes in my life. I’ve tried terry cloth, silk, satiny polyester, cotton, and many other fabric blends. But I found most robes either poor quality, scratchy or heavy. I’ve always wanted a cashmere bath robe but

found them too expensive and impractical. My search for the perfect bath robe is finally over in the Cloudspun robe by Victoria’s Secret. The Cloudspun bath robe is the softest robe I’ve ever seen. The Cloudspun bath robe is incredibly lightweight but very warm. For me, it’s exactly what I was looking for in a bath robe.


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India Ranks among the World’s Leading Apparel Exporters

India ranks among the world’s leading apparel exporters. It has an abundant domestic cotton supply, and cotton items account for about three-quarters of its apparel exports. Indeed, 13 of the 14 major clothing types exported from India to the EU are cotton products.

The industry is characterized by a huge number of small-scale enterprises with the ability to take on small customized orders, and the flexibility to respond to quick changes. This structure stems from past government policies aimed at enhancing economic welfare and increasing employment. With these objectives in mind, the Indian government reserved many products–including woven and knitted apparel products–for exclusive production by small-scale units. However, the policy has now been phased out and, encouraged by the elimination of the global quota system at the end of 2004, the number of big players is growing.

The EU and the USA are the biggest destinations for Indian apparel exports, between them taking 70%. The UAE has an 8% share but it is thought that most UAE imports are re-exported. In 2006 India was the third largest apparel exporter to the USA and the fifth largest supplier to the EU.

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